Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How To: Make Any Children's Pants Adjustable

Got a skinny kid? Me too!

My go-to stores for pants used to be Old Navy and Gap. Then for some God only knows reason, they stopped putting adjustable waistbands in 99% of their pants in sizes smaller than 2T. I was on the hunt for other stores that sold adjustable waist pants when some of the girls from my mom board suggested just doing it myself to all the pants she has or ones I like and buy.

After a little on line research, I set to it. And good news - it was easy!! It would have been even easier with my sewing machine but sadly, it's stuck behind a giant pile of boxes and junk. (We're reorganizing our attic crawl space - whole other post!)

And here's how I did it!


buttonhole elastic
seam ripper
safety pin
needle/thread and/or sewing machine


1) Use a seam ripper or very sharp scissors to cut two vertical lines on the front panel. I didn't measure. I eye-balled it and used the most space possible (she's really skinny), while still leaving room for the button (which I put at the sides, not the front, but you could do it either way). Make sure your ripped openings are long enough for the elastic to go through.

2) Cut a length of buttonhole elastic. Again, I didn't measure. I just held it up to the lines I had cut. You can see that I have it sticking out a bit on the non-button end. I wanted some security with the overlap. On the other end, I made sure that once I sewed on the button, there would be enough elastic to hook the button and leave the waistband in it's original size. You know in case she wakes up a chunky monkey tomorrow.

3) Secure the safety pin on one end of your cut elastic and thread it through the holes. (The safety pin is only used to pull the elastic through, so you can remove it when you're done.)

4) Hand or machine stitch the non-button end closed.

5) Sew your on button.

6) Repeat on other side of pants.

7) Wrestle or bribe your toddler into numerous pairs of pants so you can secure them at the appropriate size and Voila! You're done!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Aloha Friday

I often answer An Island Life's Aloha Friday question but haven't ever posted one of my own. Thought it might be fun. If you want to participate as well, head to An Island Life to add yourself to her Linky Widget.

So, I wonder:

Are you doing something special to honor Canada while you
watch the Opening Ceremonies tonight?

We haven't come up with anything creative yet. Everyone I know (us included) ate Chinese food for the Opening Ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics. I suppose we could eat a pile of Canadian Bacon for dinner and spend the rest of the day saying, "Eh?"

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Channeling Your Parents' Parenting

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This week's topic: What aspects of your parents' parenting do you want to continue in parenting your own kid(s)?
If my home were hit by some Freaky Friday type twister-oo and my mom and I were swapped 29 years, she'd be my age and mothering my daughter. I'd be 30 and mothering well, myself. And you wouldn't.be.able.to.tell.us.apart. I completely and totally model my parenting by what my mom and dad did. I figure they raised two smart, strong, successful kids (toot, toot), so if I do exactly what they did, I will end up with the same results.

I am so grateful to have a set of parents that I want to model after. I know many are not as lucky. As a I learn and grow as a mom, I hope that I will be able to add in my own twist to the methods. Some things will absolutely remain the same. Here is a list:
  1. Bedtime. I had a bedtime until literally 11th grade. Eleventh grade. And it was embarrassingly early. Like 9pm. But I did well in school, I can't remember ever falling asleep in class, and I was a relatively well rested, pleasant teenager to be around. Perhaps it wasn't the sleep that caused all this. However, there are a "couple" articles/research studies/experiments that document the benefits of a good night's sleep.
  2. NOT grounding. I was never once grounded. My parents didn't believe in it. I don't know why. I've never asked. (We are having dinner there tonight. Hello, dinner conversation.) It sure seemed to work though! The bro (he needs a baseball related nn) and I were never arrested, suspended, or otherwise in serious trouble.
  3. Teaching financial freedom. I had to take classes in school. I had to save a percentage of all gift money. I did not receive an allowance. I may handle this differently than my parents, but it is so important to teach children how to manage money!
  4. Be a parent. I feel it now, but I never once recall feeling like my parents were my friends. I felt loved, appreciated, valued. But I had rules, restrictions, privileges, and consequences.
  5. Brag. Just enough. Just within earshot. Just the truth.
With all that being said:

I wonder a) how my husband would respond to the same question. He and I had very different childhoods. His mom and dad used different methods and also raised smart, strong, successful children. b) how he'd respond to my answers. I don't agree with a lot of methods his parents used and I am sure he's not in love with all of my parents' ideas either. I am a stay at home mom, so I spend the majority of the time with the All Star. I need to do a better job of making sure the Head Coach and I are on the same page. His ideas are important too.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Today is the Greatest Day of the Year

Two reasons.

First, my brother came home to visit for the first time since moving in August. I was (am) crushed that he moved. He is my only sibling. We were super close. There are still many hurt feelings there, but now isn't the time to dwell on it. He is here. A street over at the moment and I'll finally get to see him tomorrow!

Second, LOST. ABC rocks my world for creating this show. I am one of the crazy intense fanatics. Luckily, so is my husband. I hear they have support groups for spouses of "Losties." It is so fun to be able to watch it together. Anyway, the season premiere was tonight. We all wore theme shirts. Even the All Star (though she was in bed an hour before it started).

We tried to have a themed meal, but seriously. I don't want to eat boar and beyond that, the options are limited. Fish biscuits anyone? So we made some dip, and buckled our seat belts for what would be the beginning of the final season of the greatest series ever created.

It was fantastic! Lots of questions answered, but still.posing.new.ones! Man these guys can write a TV show. I've decided not read spoilers this year. I want it to be completely and totally fresh when I see it each week.

It is a bittersweet season. I'm very sad it's coming to an end, but it's been an amazing show and I am so glad I can claim to be a fan from the very first episode!

What about you? Are you a LOST fan? What did you think?

February 2, 2010 . Greatest day of the year.