Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How To: Make Any Children's Pants Adjustable

Got a skinny kid? Me too!

My go-to stores for pants used to be Old Navy and Gap. Then for some God only knows reason, they stopped putting adjustable waistbands in 99% of their pants in sizes smaller than 2T. I was on the hunt for other stores that sold adjustable waist pants when some of the girls from my mom board suggested just doing it myself to all the pants she has or ones I like and buy.

After a little on line research, I set to it. And good news - it was easy!! It would have been even easier with my sewing machine but sadly, it's stuck behind a giant pile of boxes and junk. (We're reorganizing our attic crawl space - whole other post!)

And here's how I did it!


buttonhole elastic
seam ripper
safety pin
needle/thread and/or sewing machine


1) Use a seam ripper or very sharp scissors to cut two vertical lines on the front panel. I didn't measure. I eye-balled it and used the most space possible (she's really skinny), while still leaving room for the button (which I put at the sides, not the front, but you could do it either way). Make sure your ripped openings are long enough for the elastic to go through.

2) Cut a length of buttonhole elastic. Again, I didn't measure. I just held it up to the lines I had cut. You can see that I have it sticking out a bit on the non-button end. I wanted some security with the overlap. On the other end, I made sure that once I sewed on the button, there would be enough elastic to hook the button and leave the waistband in it's original size. You know in case she wakes up a chunky monkey tomorrow.

3) Secure the safety pin on one end of your cut elastic and thread it through the holes. (The safety pin is only used to pull the elastic through, so you can remove it when you're done.)

4) Hand or machine stitch the non-button end closed.

5) Sew your on button.

6) Repeat on other side of pants.

7) Wrestle or bribe your toddler into numerous pairs of pants so you can secure them at the appropriate size and Voila! You're done!


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