Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Today is the Greatest Day of the Year

Two reasons.

First, my brother came home to visit for the first time since moving in August. I was (am) crushed that he moved. He is my only sibling. We were super close. There are still many hurt feelings there, but now isn't the time to dwell on it. He is here. A street over at the moment and I'll finally get to see him tomorrow!

Second, LOST. ABC rocks my world for creating this show. I am one of the crazy intense fanatics. Luckily, so is my husband. I hear they have support groups for spouses of "Losties." It is so fun to be able to watch it together. Anyway, the season premiere was tonight. We all wore theme shirts. Even the All Star (though she was in bed an hour before it started).

We tried to have a themed meal, but seriously. I don't want to eat boar and beyond that, the options are limited. Fish biscuits anyone? So we made some dip, and buckled our seat belts for what would be the beginning of the final season of the greatest series ever created.

It was fantastic! Lots of questions answered, but still.posing.new.ones! Man these guys can write a TV show. I've decided not read spoilers this year. I want it to be completely and totally fresh when I see it each week.

It is a bittersweet season. I'm very sad it's coming to an end, but it's been an amazing show and I am so glad I can claim to be a fan from the very first episode!

What about you? Are you a LOST fan? What did you think?

February 2, 2010 . Greatest day of the year.