Saturday, January 22, 2011

Polka Dot Birthday

When we switched my daughter from Pampers to Target diapers, she was quite pleased. She'd run around yelling "Polka dot diapy!" So we figured that would be a fun (and easy!) birthday party theme. It was!

We started with the invitations. I love Evite. It is free, saves on postage, allows immediate RSVP options, and even lets the sender know when guests have viewed the invitation. Even better they had a birthday invite with a polka dot background! We thought up a fantastically literary poem about birthdays and polka dots and sent the invitation out.

Decorations were easy too. I bought $5 worth of poster board, found four dishes in different sized circles and started tracing. Cutting turned out to be the hard part. I had almost 100 circles when all was said and done and my hand was significantly cramped/blistered to prove it. We found perfect polka dot table clothes at Old Navy during their 30% weekend and my mom bought 3 dozen daisies in beautiful bright colors. We slipped the "1st" off her birthday banner from last year (which was conveniently dot shaped) and hung that up.  Decorations were done! We actually found polka dot latex balloons on Ebay for a great price, but didn't order them in time. The party store near us sold them for much more than we wanted to spend.  It turned out not to be necessary.  The table clothes, poster dots, and flowers were lovely all by themselves.

We incorporated polka dots everywhere we could.  The cake had dots on it and I made jello jigglers in rainbow colors, cut with a biscuit cutter. 

Lastly of course, we were all dressed in polka dots.  Even the guests (using hints from the aformentioned literary masterpiece, I'm sure) brought gifts wrapped in polka dot paper or bags and some even dressed in polka dots themselves. 

Thanks to everyone who helped make the All Star's Polkadot Pallooza birthday party a hit!