Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cleveland Rave: Petitti's Garden Centers

Petitti's Garden Center is a lawn and garden store with several locations around the Cleveland area.  We live a few miles from their Avon store.  Sometime before the All Star's first Christmas, someone recommended we take her to visit the Petitti's Santa.  They let you take your own pictures, so we were sold!
Since then, and as long as they continue to offer a visiting Santa, it is the only place we will go!  They really do let you take your own photos!  Every year the photographer has encouraged my husband to get up right behind him/her to get the best shot.  They do have picture packages available for purchase as well.  The same lovely gentleman has been playing Santa the 4 years we've gone.  His partner is a welcoming and friendly Mrs. Claus.
2008  (We did not love Santa in 2009.  No picture.)
Mrs. Claus
As if that's not enough to get you in the spirit, your children will love Bertie the Talking Tree.  She loves to meet new kids.  She addresses them by name and happily sings songs with even the youngest customer!
New (as far as I know) this year, was Petitti's story time.  For several weeks during the months of November and December, Petitti's offered a wonderfully festive Storybook Hour.  At the one we attended, vinyl tablecloths were spread out in front of Bertie for kids to sit on.  Children gathered to listen to five stories read by a friendly Petitti's associate.  In between stories, Bertie came alive to sing Christmas carols.  Petitti's, leaving nothing to be desired, had a hot chocolate bar set out with marshmallows and candy canes!

After taking your children to all these fun events, you probably need some time to yourself.  Petitti's holds a Ladies' Night, which sounds perfect to unwind with your friends!  Wine, champagne, cupcakes, and local fare are available.  Additionally, participants earn a percentage off their purchases that evening.  I did not attend this year, but have a friend who did.  She said it was crowded (maybe they will add more dates in 2012!), but relaxing and definitely worth it!  I'll be going next year, for sure.

Of course, at each of these events, you have the opportunity to shop shop shop.  You will not be disappointed in the holiday decor selection or the grand displays.  Picture opportunities galore!  This year, at the Avon store, guests walked into what felt like a giant snow globe.

Avon store entrance.
Don't forget Fido; Petitti's is pet friendly.  Our mascot is a beast so we leave her at home, but I know she'd be thrilled with the dog biscuit buffet found in the pet section!

Thank you, Petitti's for providing an array of wonderful, family-friendly, and best of all - free (my favorite!) - activities throughout the year, but especially at Christmastime.  Petitti's is definitely in a league of their own!