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Cleveland Rave: Petitti's Garden Centers

Petitti's Garden Center is a lawn and garden store with several locations around the Cleveland area.  We live a few miles from their Avon store.  Sometime before the All Star's first Christmas, someone recommended we take her to visit the Petitti's Santa.  They let you take your own pictures, so we were sold!
Since then, and as long as they continue to offer a visiting Santa, it is the only place we will go!  They really do let you take your own photos!  Every year the photographer has encouraged my husband to get up right behind him/her to get the best shot.  They do have picture packages available for purchase as well.  The same lovely gentleman has been playing Santa the 4 years we've gone.  His partner is a welcoming and friendly Mrs. Claus.
As if that's not enough to get you in the spirit, your children will love Bertie the Talking Tree.  She loves to meet new kids.  She addresses them by name and happily sings songs with even the youngest customer!
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