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Four Creative Ways to Wrap Gift Cards

My nieces and nephews are all at the age where they prefer to receive gift cards or money for any gift giving situation. I completely understand this, but my kids are still little so my husband and I continue to enjoy shopping for actual gifts. Anyway, for Christmas, my husband and I thought it would be really funny if we got them the gift cards they wanted, but then we wrapped them all up in funny ways. You know, so everyone else could enjoy it too.

Gift one. 8 year old nephew got a Toys R Us gift card in a teddy bear.
Difficulty level for you: Easy
Difficulty level for them: Mildly entertaining

1) Locate a bear or other stuffed animal headed for donation.
2) Cut an opening right along the seam on the back of the bear.
3) Shove gift card in the bear. Be sure to surround it with stuffing so it isn't immediately noticeable.
4) Sew the seam back up.

Gift two. 11 year old niece got a Macy's gift card in a big old ball of Saran Wrap.
Difficulty level for you: Easy
Difficulty level for them: Time-consuming and sweat-inducing

1) Tape a small ball of clear plastic wrap on each side of your gift card (so you don't end up with a rhombohedron* like I did).
2) Begin wrapping your gift card ball while turning item every which direction.
3) Make sure to cut the plastic wrap every three feet or so. Then begin with a new piece. This is slightly more time consuming, but otherwise, they are just going to unwind the whole thing in one fell swoop. And what fun is that for you?

Gift three. 12 year old nephew got a Game Stop gift card in a super-glued music box.
Difficulty level for you: Super Easy
Difficulty level for them: Disappointingly easy

1) Find the most childish and girly music box you can.
2) Place gift card inside.
3) Superglue the edges and close.
4) Allow to dry.

Gift four. 16 year old niece got a gift card to Forever 21 in a block of ice.
Difficulty level for you: Moderate (for time)
Difficulty level for them: Patience-trying and may cause bursts of ingenuity or creativity

1) Get a large plastic tub. We used a 5 gallon tub that previously housed ice cream. It was sturdy and had a handle.
2) Fill half way with water.
3) Freeze.
4) Carve out a little slot for your gift card to stand in so it doesn't slosh around.
5) Fill remainder with water.
6) Freeze.
*7) It was unseasonably warm here at Christmas, so we wrapped it in one of those plastic gift bags meant for a bicycle. It did start to melt, so this was a good choice. If it had been our normal mid-20s, we would have wrapped normally and left it outside until unwrapping time.

By far the hardest to get into was the Saran Wrapped gift card. She really had to work at it and even recruited the younger cousins for help. The easiest was the music box. The bear was entertaining simply because they just decided to tear it limb from limb to get it open.  Our oldest niece got tired of waiting for the ice to melt, so she hunted down a hair dryer and triumphantly came to us declaring victory. Hours after we opened presents.

All in all, this was fantastic fun (for us). We will be spending the next 10 1/2 months thinking up even better ideas for 2016's Christmas gift card requests!

* A rhombohedron is the name for a 3D rhombus. Now you're one word smarter!


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